Dryer Maintenance Tips

It’s important to keep your dryer in tip top shape, both for performance reasons and also because if you don’t keep your dryer clear of lint it could cause a fire. In this article I will explain some simple dryer maintenance tips, so you can be sure that your dryer won’t become a fire hazard. The only tools you need are: a flashlight, a vent brush, and a vacuum with a small hose attachment.

The first dryer maintenance tip I have for you is to clean out your dryer venting pipe and duct. This is important to do at least once a year – or more if your dryer is used frequently. All you should need to do is unclamp the venting pipe from the duct and either vacuum out or poke out the clog. Don’t try to push the clogged lint back into your dryer, though. You can also use what is called a vent brush, it has lots of bristles that trap and collect the lint and dust on the inside of your dryer venting. It is a handy tool to have, especially since you should be cleaning out the venting of your dryer at least once a year samsung dryer repair pasadena.

The second dryer maintenance tip I have is to clean out the interior of your clothes dryer. Most of the time the lint that comes off your clothes is collected in the lint filter, but sometimes it can collect inside the dryer. All your really need to do is take a flashlight and see if you have any lint accumulation on the inside of your dryer. If you do, you can use a vacuum to suck it out.

The third tip to maintain your dryer is to clean the lint filter. You probably already know that you should be cleaning off the lint filter after every load. You should also be inspecting the filter itself for any cracks, tears, or holes. If your lint filter is damaged, or has any tears you should replace it. Sometimes dirt and soap can stick to the filter, which easily comes off with warm water, soap, and a toothbrush.

The last dryer maintenance tip is to clean the space under the lint filter. Usually lint filters do a good job at… you guessed it – filtering lint. But sometimes lint and other debris can get stuck in the area under the lint filter. Basically all you need to do is clean out that space with your vacuum.


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